Products from USA

HHL carries many well–known brands from the USA. To name a few, they are Pringles, Kraft, Delmonte, Snickers, M&M, Jelly Beans, Nescafe, Wrigley’s, Hershey’s, Chupa Chups, Coke, etc. It is a non-exhaustive list of products. Who knows? HHL might have your preferred brands.

In addition, HHL carries many products that are suitable for the bakery and confectionery manufacturers. Widely used baking materials and ingredients such as raisins, almonds,


walnuts, pistachios, glazed cherries, maraschino cherries to aluminium foil and cling wrap are being imported from this part of the world.

The best seller from USA has always been Royal Diamond™ California raisins. According to the latest figure from USDA, HHL imported more than 30% of the total import in the ASEAN region, making it one of the largest bulk California raisins suppliers for the ASEAN region!

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